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Bwana Media is one of the well reputed & leading PR agencies in Chennai providing result oriented and smart public relations communication and solutions that bring exceptional results for the brands, firms and companies. Our IN and OUT comprehensive approach in PR industry with vast experience has cemented our position as a top public relations agency in delivering with exceptional coverage’s in National and Local newspapers, Tv channels, Magazine, Online portals. As a PR firms we provide best communications strategies to help our client's brand or companies achieve their marketing objectives.In comparison to others public relations services we always assure and deliver high level of news coverages, working culture & media approach for the PR Campaign at cost-effective price. We are equipped with experienced & media friendly team to create and execute innovative brand PR promotion campaign for companies or firms to engage with the mass target audience in across south india in all sort of medium. Not only in south india, Bwana Media works with many confidential PR associates across India & can offer best Pan-India PR services at affordable Price. With strategic communications as the very foundation of our service we offer result oriented and tailor made solutions for the bellow mentioned activity.


Our Services

  • Product launch
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Press Conference
  • Media Interactions
  • Product Review
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Digital PR


  • Press Release Distribution :
    To get well recognized in any respective industry and to reach target audience, we offer cost effective press release distribution service focussed on to deliver news coverages in leading print publications and online news portals.

  • Press Conferences :
    We invite & arrange journalists, reporters and other media personnel from print, online, TV Channels present towards the Press conference to interact and cover the events with the respective brands spokesperson in their press meets/ conferences/ announcements/ product launches etc. followed by news coverages in print/online/electronic media.

  • Media Interaction :
    We organize live media interaction in print publications, magazines for people/businesses as a part of our PR strategy to create brand awareness, gain potential business, develop a voice, develop relationship with target audience by publish stories based on the same that strengthens client’s presence and loyalty in the respective industries.

  • Commercial Slot (TV Channels):
    We arrange for one-to-one interaction for businesses/brands by booking live TV / recorded shows in satellite TV channels.

  • Digital PR :
    As a part of Digital PR strategy planner and a step forward from traditional PR methods, we engage our clients in offering online brand promotion services by letting industry oriented social media bloggers, Vloggers & Influencers to write, speak & review in their respective social media about client brands and services to reach to the greater number of audiences via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc..

  • Celebrity PR :
    In harmony with Digital PR, we make product endorsements for the products/brand through social media influencers (domestic to celebrity influencers) who has followers apparent to a particular niche in respective platforms like Facebook/Instagram etc.

FAQ FAQ - Answer


Freqently Asked Question

Public relations is a marketing process where the PR agency try to get public attention for your companies, brand or services via mass media like Newspapers, Tv channels, Online Media and Social Media

As part of Public relations activity, the PR agencies provide the marketing plan for company or brand to enhance the reputions of their firms via offline and online mass media.

With PR Campaign one can promote their Companies or services in all kind of media platforms with effective writeups and coverages at less price compare to advertising.

The PR coverage will appear in Cat A,B and C publications depend upon the news value

Yes, our range of coverages falls under Cat A publications. But it also depends on the value of the news release.

Yes, it is very much possible. The media interaction with clients will happen according to the availability of the respective journalists. The deliverables may vary according to the topic and client’s profile.

Yes, We can target all the states across India and deliver industry oriented coverages.

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